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We started Brand New Nation to help you, the boundary-breaking generation of creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, build a brand and business right alongside us.

Photo of Dani and Kriss from Brand New Nation

Why do we call this Brand New Nation?
  1. We look at the world as brand new—filled with possibilities, not obstacles.
  2. We are self-taught and enjoy teaching others; we’re constantly learning something brand new and want you to be, too.
  3. We are committed to inventing, refining, and evolving into better versions of ourselves and our businesses. That’s how you #getbrandnew.
  4. We are the brand new face of the nation. We are a boundary-breaking generation of content producers and consumers who are shaping the new landscape for media and commerce.

With access to the collective genius of today’s thought leaders on sites like TED, business leaders on sites like Mixergy, designers on sites like Dribbble, and with crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter…

Why ask for permission to build an unforgettable brand and profitable business you’re passionate about?

…And that’s where we come in. All day we dream about marketing (along with branding, business, and design :)), and Brand New Nation is where we share everything we know.



Photo of Danielle Leslie

Dani a.k.a. Danielle ‘D-Love’ Leslie

Greetings! I’m Dani, and I’m addicted to doing what I love. When I met Krystle, I was instantly energized by her personality and our mutual love for all things online business and marketing. Aside from Brand New Nation, you can also find me at the Do Love Project where I give individuals the inspiration and tools to build businesses around their passions.

I previously organized and completed the national sponsored GenJuice Tour where I met with over 300 first-time entrepreneurs, co-founded a web startup helping Gen Y entrepreneurs start their first companies, completed SeedStart startup accelerator program, and helped startups build their brands online with my marketing consulting We Are BIGFISH.

I’m beyond thrilled to cultivate a community here at Brand New Nation and see others thrive at their passion-driven businesses.


Photo of Krystle Rowry

Kriss a.k.a. Krystle ‘Krissdidit’ Rowry

At 18, I got my first paid gig for freelance design work. That’s when it hit me. More than anything, I loved the business of design. I loved each entreprenuer’s story and passion. I wanted customers to hear it too. I wanted to create sites where a customer actually gets a feel for the business.

I was hired as a graphic designer at a super cool start-up with even cooler designer brands, also known as Revolveclothing.com. 5 years later, I still work there 2 days per week while running my design business from home the other 3 days. And I love it.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with notable companies such as Disney and Avon, and honored to be featured in the May 2012 issue of Essence Magazine.

Over at KrissDidIt.com, I blog about my obsession with design, fashion, and marketing under a canopy of chill, LA style.

I never thought I’d meet someone who could nerd-speak with me and then inspire me to be even more awesome.. and then I met the beautiful genius that is Dani. I’m beyond excited to get to teach what I know and love with her here at Brand New Nation!


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