3 Free (+ 1 Paid) Resources to Create Visuals People Like & Share (Amen!)

Unless you’re on Kim K. celebrity status or an alien from another planet, you’ve probably wondered: How do I get more likes and shares on my Facebook posts?

We all want people to acknowledge our content, and the ultimate win is having them click “Share” and post our content to their news feeds. This grows the reach of people who see our message (and potentially convert into leads or customers on our website).

In our Amen! video, we share three tips to get more people to like and share your Facebook posts. In the second tip, we advise that you “Mix it Up!” and experiment with different types of posts to see what your peeps respond to. Get creative and share quotes (they could be inspirational, snarky…whichever is your steeze), relevant stats, photos, infographics, etc.

Below, we share a few free resources to help you create visuals to boost your likes and shares on your posts.

1.  Visual.ly

“Visually is the largest data visualization showcase in the world, providing endless inspiration for designers, publishers and enthusiasts. Visually’s free tools make it easy for anyone to create beautiful, personalized infographics in minutes. What stories will you tell?”


2.  PiktoChart

“With a lite set of professional design tools, Piktochart helps you create wow presentations to engage your web audience. Combine themes, shapes, icons, vectors, text, uploaded images, chart exporter (8 types of visualizations) to create the story you want.”

3.  Infogr.am

Infogr.am has predesigned themes/templates that you can select, dump in your data, and create engaging infographics for your peeps.

If you want to hire someone to design an infographic for you, then check out:


“Turn your information into a visual story. Make a compelling argument, an interesting observation, or a convincing sales pitch with a visual infographic. These visuals are great for sharing online and garner 30 to 40 times for views than plain ole text.”


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